Are you winning the war for Talent?

There are only TWO Components to Winning the Talent War:

Hire the RIGHT Talent!

Develop your Talent PROPERLY!

It all Starts with Hiring the RIGHT Talent

What is the Cost of a Mishire?

There have been numerous studies detailing the cost of a mishire:

  • calculates that a $62k a year employee that is fired after 2-5 years as being $840,000!

  • International Business Times says. "The financial cost of a bad hire can reach as much as 150% of the individuals first year compensation and up to five times for a bad sales hire".  September 23, 2014.

  • Dr. Bradford Smart the author of Topgrading states, "The average cost of a mis-hire can be six times base salary for a sales rep, 15 times base salary for a manager, and as much as 27 times base salary for an executive".

Can you afford the cost of a Mishire?

What's the Solution?

Hire for DNA!!!